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Stearns GS One Packs Green Cleaning SMALL Starter Kit - 44 Gallons

Stearns GS One Packs Green Cleaning SMALL Starter Kit - 44 Gallons

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Your time is short. Your budget is limited. Clean it quickly and inexpensively with the staff you have. Also, a simple way to test the Green Cleaning system in one of your buildings. All four "GS" cleaners are Green Seal® Certified. Mark 11 Disinfectant Cleaner is NSF Certified D2

Premeasured Solutions for the Entire Facility

Yields 44 gallons of end-use product

All of the same great products as the larger STE-GS-spkg902 GS 5-Point Green Cleaning Starter Kit but in a smaller kit.

    Very low cost concentrate. Low shipping weight/cost. Small storage space for lots of product. Note the great certifications! Very effective!

    See... Stearns System Benefits & Technical Info!

    Stearns Certifications

      (d) GOODstuff certified

    Kit Information

    The starter kit also includes color-coded bottles, Poster and other training materials. Color-coded products and packaging improves safety and simplifies training, even for the newest member of your cleaning team.


    This Kit Includes 36 packs yielding 44 gallons:


    • 4 each: ST740E - Mark 11 Disinfectant Cleaner - 0.5 fl. oz. (b,d)
    • 4 ea: ST853E - GS Extra-Strength Cleaner Concentrate - 1 fl. oz. (a,b,c,d)
    • 4 each: ST840E - GS Window Cleaner Concentrate - 2 fl. oz. (a,b,c,d)
    • 20 each: ST845E - GS Neutral Cleaner Concentrate - 1 fl. oz. (a,b,d)
    • 4 each: ST851E - GS Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Concentrate - 2 fl. oz. (b,d)


    • (1) Color Coded Mark 11 Quart Spray Bottle
    • (1) Color Coded GS Extra-Strength Quart Spray Bottle
    • (1) Color Coded GS Window Cleaner Quart Spray Bottle
    • (1) Color Coded GS Restroom & Bowl Quart Bottle with Spout Cap
    • (1) Mixing Hose
    • (1) Pack Cutter

    SDS Sheets 

    Technical Data Sheets 

    Stearns GS 5-Point Chemicals

    1. GS Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

    A mild pH-neutral cleaner designed for cleaning all types of floors and washable surfaces. Contains no caustic, abrasive, or harsh ingredients to mar fine floor finishes. Leaves surfaces sparkling clean without film or streaks.

    Use For: lightly soiled hard floors, including marble, terrazzo, asphalt tile, ceramic tile, granite, synthetic floors, poured surfaces, concrete, and linoleum.

    2. GS Extra-Strength Cleaner Concentrate

    A heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner and degreaser for superior penetration and removal of greasy soils. Cleans safely without hazardous fumes and harmful by-products. Ideal for use on all surfaces.

    Use For: heavily soiled or oily surfaces, washable surfaces, countertops, tables, walls, and vinyl furniture.

    3. GS Window Cleaner Concentrate

    A super-concentrated window cleaner that leaves glass, stainless steel, and other hard surfaces free of streaks, soils, smudges, and grease. Formulated without solvents, glycol ethers, or ammonia. Contains no VOCs and is safe on plastics.

    Use For: glass, windows, mirrors, and stainless steel.

    4. GS Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Concentrate

    Non-corrosive and free of harmful acids. It cleans toilet bowls, urinals, tile walls, tubs, and sinks with ease and safety. Breaks down and removes daily accumulations of soils, limescale, and urinary salts with its high foaming action. Fresh clean fragrance.

    Use For: toilet bowls, urinals, shower walls, tubs, and sinks.

    5. Mark 11 Disinfectant Cleaner

    MARK 11 is a phosphate free, pH neutral formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing and disinfection in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food establishments, factories, office buildings, hotels, motels, transportation terminals, athletic and recreational facilities, where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination on treated surfaces.

    Use For: light to medium soiled surfaces, washroom fixtures, countertops, toilet bowls, stainless steel, drinking fountains, mirrors, painted walls, phones, ashtrays, and garbage cans.

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