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GS5 Surface & Textile Antimicrobial Protectant "Concentrate" [1 Gal makes 6.5 Gal]

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Like NO OTHER Antimicrobial... Kills/Prevents Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi (mold & mildew) along with their smells and staining on surfaces and fabrics for up to 90 days or 40 washes.

NO leaching of poisons, environmentally friendly, does not produce super-bugs. It bonds and mechanically (like swords) kills without poisons, lasting for many months.

Use on most any surface and most fabrics for bacterial, viral, fungal (mold & mildew) inhibition for up to 90 days or 40 washes.

Also used in laundry applications. Call for commercial sizes/volume availability.

GS5 is a “concentrate.

(See Dilution Chart)

EPA approved for use in homes, offices, automobiles and institutions (eg. schools, hospitals, daycare centers, churches, correctional facilities, etc.). It's effectiveness is supported by over 30 evidence-based studied independently conducted at major hospitals and laboratories around the US and UK.

OTHER Antimicrobial products...
1) Leach poisons &
2) STOP killing as soon as they are dry leaving your surfaces / fabrics open to exponential microbial growth all the rest of the day(s). That is to say they lack residual efficacy. Hospital studies show regrowth back to original microbe levels within two (2) hours. Your facility / home is left microbe dirty most of the day. Products like bleach don't last and are very toxic. 

My challenge to you... check the antimicrobial or disinfecting products you use today. You'll find they all leach poisons and STOP killing once dry. TERRIBLE!

The difference between killing for 5-10 minutes and killing for up to 90 days is HUGE for cleanliness and COST!

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